I chose to share out Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Higher education: Research and Perspectives on Identity, Leadership, and Success, which was a collectively authored book, edited by Doris Ching & Amefil Agbayani. This book follows the experiences and passions of AAPI identified professionals. Their experiences are organized into 6 main areas: statistics, racial identity, […]

In this blog post, Jonathon and Lisa discuss their experiences identifying multi-racial/multi-ethnic Introduce yourselves! Jonathon: Hello, I’m Jonathon. I work currently work at Rider University as the Assistant Director of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. Since we are writing about being multi-racial and multi-ethnic, I identify as multi-ethnic. My father’s side of the family […]

Check out this awesome infographic to help you connect with the #ACPAapan community while at #ACPA19. Shout out to our APAN Professional Development Chairs for creating this helpful resource for us! Image Includes Information About: ACPA 2019 Registration & Fees Caucus Groups Volunteering Featured Speaker: Franchesca Ramsey APAN Events For more information, visit  http://convention.myacpa.org/boston2019/  We […]

For the most part, people charge their cellphones pretty much every day. People are similar to cellphones where they also need some type of recharge; this recharge is self-care. Common practices include eating healthy, exercising regularly, taking time to do fun activities, and meditating, but self-care is a tricky thing to define because it is […]

Asian Pacific American Network (APAN) is now seeking nominations for our annual awards, which recognize members of ACPA who have contributed significantly to the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) community within student affairs and higher education. As you continue with your work this fall, take a moment to reflect on the people, programs, and […]

When I hear the infamous lyrics “just a small town girl, living in a lonely world” from Journey, I can’t help but completely feel like they were directly singing to me. I was born in Virginia and moved to the state of Washington as a young teenager due to my dad being in the navy. […]

Continuing in our APIDA Spotlight Series, we’re excited to introduce to you all Jonathon Sun! Below you can learn more about Jonathon!  Jonathon is currently a master’s student in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Missouri, graduating May 14th, 2018. Currently, he serves as the graduate assistant in the […]